Brewing is the act of combining primary and secondary ingredients together in a vial to create a potion. It is one of the most costly skills to level due to ingredient prices and low skill experience. Most of the ingredients are gathered from the Farming skill, but some like Strange Leaves are found by other means. Potions level 1-30 need a Small Vial of Water, Potions level 35-60 need a Large Vial of Water and Potions level 65+ need a Huge Vial of Water. After completing the Witches Potion Quest as well as having 20 Sapphires and 500,000 Stone and level 65 Crafting, you can craft a Brewing Kit. A Brewing Kit gives a 10% chance for any Potion made to produce an additional Potion at no extra cost or Experience gained. The list of Potions are as follows: Stardust Potion. Tree Potion. Seed Potion. Smelting Potion. Oil Potion. Bar Potion. Super Stardust Potion. Essence Potion. Combat Cooldown Potion. Farming Speed Potion. Stargem Potion. Super Essence Potion.Super Oil Potion. Stardust Crystal Potion. Super Tree Potion. Super Combat Cooldown Potion. Super Compost Potion.  


Potion Icon Level Material needed Description XP notes
Stardust Potion StardustPotion 1 1 Dotted Leaf

25 Red Mushroom

Gathers a small amount of Stardust per tick for 5 minutes. 50 ~6k stardust
Tree Potion TreePotion 1 2 Dotted Leaf

15 Red Mushroom

Increases the chance of empty tree plots to grow trees by 10%. Lasts 10 minutes. 70
Seed Potion SeedPotion 5 1 Dotted Leaf

30 Red Mushroom

Increases your chance of finding seeds by 10%. Lasts 30 minutes. 75
Smelting Potion SmeltingPotion 10 3 Dotted Leaf

1 Bronze Bar

1 Iron Bar

1 Silver Bar

1 Gold Bar

10% chance of producing double bars when smelting. Lasts 30 minutes 200
Oil Potion OilPotion 15 1 Green Leaf

50 Red Mushroom

Increases oil income by 50 for 15 minutes. 210
Bar Potion BarPotion 20 3 Green Leaf

50 Blewit Mushroom

When mining ore, you have a small chance of it being automatically smelted. 380 Promethium unknown
Super Stardust Potion SuperStardustPotion 20 5 Lime Leaf

50 Snapegrass

Gathers a medium amount of Stardust per tick for 5 minutes. 480 ~33k Stardust
Essence Potion EssencePotion 25 5 Dotted Leaf

30 Blewit Mushroom

Miners have a rare chance of finding an essence. 490

1 in 16k - (mining level*150). Caps at 1/1000

Combat Cooldown Potion CombatCooldownPotion 25 5 Green Leaf

1 Strange Leaf

Reduces your combat cooldown by 15 minutes. 555 They stack
Farming Speed Potion FarmingSpeedPotion 30 100 Red Mushroom

50 Blewit Mushroom

10 Snapegrass

Crops grow twice as fast for 30 minutes. 900
Stargem Potion StargemPotion 35 1 Gold Leaf

100 Blewit Mushroom

Can be poured over a gem to convert it into Stardust at these rates.

100k Sapphire

200k Emerald

300k Ruby

600k Diamond

Super Essence Potion SuperEssencePotion 40 25 Dotted Leaf

100 Blewit Mushroom

Miners have a rare chance of finding an essence. 1800

1 in 8k - (mining level*75). Caps at 1/500

Super Oil Potion SuperOilPotion 45 3 Gold Leaf

150 Red Mushroom

Increases oil income by 200 for 15 minutes. 2200
Stardust Crystal Potion StardustCrystalPotion 50 1 Gold Leaf

100,000 Stardust

1 Shooting Star

Miners start collecting small, medium, large and huge stardust crystals, which are broken by the chisel. Stardust Crystals are mining level restricted. 5500 Shooting star is 1/2000, 1/500 and 1/50 from Stardust Boxes
Super Tree Potion SuperTreePotion 55 3 Gold Leaf

50 Blewit Mushroom

Increases the chance of higher tier trees to start growing on empty plots. Lasts 30 minutes 2350 Low tier trees still grow
Super Combat Cooldown Potion SuperCombatCooldownPotion 60 20 Green Leaf

4 Strange Leaf

Reduces your combat cooldown by 60 minutes. 2550
Super Compost Potion SuperCompostPotion 65 5 Crystal Leaf

200 Red Mushroom

100 Blewit Mushroom

50 Snapegrass

Instantly grows a farming patch. 4550
Oxygen Potion 70 100 Green leaf

50 Lime leaf

20 Gold leaf

10 Crystal leaf

1 stranger leaf

Red Pirate Potion 75
Critical Strike Potion 80
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