The foundry has a capacity of 100 with a fixed burning time of 8 hours. 100 logs give 100 charcoal, 100 Oak Logs give 200 charcoal, 100 Willow Logs give 300 charcoal and so on...

Logs Charcoal/log Additional drops
Logs 1 Charcoal None
OakLogs 2 Charcoal None
WillowLogs 3 Charcoal None
MapleLogs 4 Charcoal None
StardustLogs 5 Charcoal 2,000-10,000 Stardust
EssenceLogs 6 Charcoal 1-15 Essence Fragments
AncientLogs  ?? Charcoal None

Tips Edit

  • The charcoal ratio doesn't match with the heat ratio per logs tier. Therefore Oak Logs and regular Logs are best choice to burn in the foundry.

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