The Chisel is a tool that can be found in Monster Loot or Chest loot as a very rare item. It is used to upgrade machines and can itself be upgraded as well. It also allows the player to open Stardust Crystals obtained from the Stardust Crystal Potion effect.


The Chisel can be used to carve gems to upgrade mining machinery to get double certain ores.

Each use to carve gems using 5 gems will give the 10 machines of the matching tier a one time-permanent upgrade, regardless of whether all 10 machines have been crafted.

Machines Items Materials Level required Effect
SapphireDrills SapphireDrillTips 5 Sapphire 15 Pickaxe 15 EmptyAnvil Double Gold
EmeraldCrushers EmeraldCrushersUpgrade 5 Emerald 25 Pickaxe 25 EmptyAnvil Double Quartz
RubyGiantDrills RubyDrillHeads 5 Ruby 40 Pickaxe 40 EmptyAnvil Double Marble
DiamondExcavators DiamondSaws 5 Diamond 65 Pickaxe 65 EmptyAnvil Double Promethium
5 DarkDiamond  ? Pickaxe ? EmptyAnvil Double Runite


Socketing gems gives bonus stardust when opening Stardust Crystals.

Upgrades Bonus stardust
Empty 0
Sapphire 5%
Emerald 10%
Ruby 15%
Diamond 20%
BlueChiselOrb 10% (for total 30% with Diamond)


  • The Chisel drop rate from loot bags varies from 1/500 to 1/300, corresponding to 1/500 in Fields, 1/400 in Forests and 1/300 in Caves and above areas. This is similar to the rate of a map.
  • It is the only tool obtainable from both Monster Loot and Chest.
  • It's also the only tool that has more than one effect.