Coins or Money are the main in-game currency. They can be obtained in different ways, e.g. selling items, opening loot bags or trading via the Player Market. Coins are used for sending out workers, buying items in the Game Shop or as objectives in some of the quests.

Sources Edit

Coins are mainly obtained by selling ores (to the game shop). Standard/Softcore players can also make money by "item flipping" at the Player Market. Even though many items can be sold to the Game Shop, many of them can be sold easily at the Player Market for a better price or simply be saved (hardcore players cannot trade at the Player Market anyway).

Below is the list of all items that can be sold to the Game Shop:

Source Amount Note
Thief 50 - 25,000 The chance is uncommon
Thief 500,000 - 1,500,000 The chance is rare
Fire Mage 100,000 - 500,000 The chance is common
Source Price Note
Sand 10 Not worth to sell
Stone 1 Main source
Copper 2 Main source
Tin 2 Main source
Iron 5 Main source
Silver 10 Main source
Gold 20
Quartz 30 Not worth to sell
Marble 100 Not worth to sell
Promethium 1,000 Not worth to sell
Runite 5,000 Not worth to sell
Source Price Note
Glass 100
Bronze Bar 10
Iron Bar 20
Silver Bar 30
Gold Bar 50 Not worth to sell
Promethium Bar 5,000 Not worth to sell
Runite Bar 10,000 Not worth to sell
Source Price Note
Logs 50 Not worth to sell
Oak Logs 100 Not worth to sell
Willow Logs 250 Not worth to sell
Maple Logs 500 Not worth to sell
Stardust Logs 1,000 Not worth to sell
Strange Logs 5,000 Not worth to sell
Ancient Logs 10,000 Not worth to sell
Source Price Note
Sapphire 100,000 Not worth to sell
Emerald 200,000 Not worth to sell
Ruby 300,000 Not worth to sell
Diamond 1,000,000 Not worth to sell
Blood Diamond 25,000,000 Not worth to sell

Uses Edit




Player market 1-infinity For standard players only
Unlocking Mining skill 10
Quest Book 35
Handheld Oil Pump 110
Unlocking Brewing skill 1,000
Miners 34,273 Total cost of all 10 miners
Stardust Box 1 500,000
Stardust Box 2 2,000,000
Stardust Box 3 17,500,000
Magic Page 1 1,000,000
Hiring the Lumberjack 1,000,000
Workers 1,000,000 This is per worker, max up to 10
White Leaf 1,000,000 Purchase from Bob's Uncle
Doric 2,500,000 or


Doric's Armour quest
Hiring Oil Factory workers 10,000,000 100,000 per worker, up to 100
Crystals from Knight 20,000,000 Could be subtituted by having L60 Mining
Pirates 540,000,000 Total cost of all 10 pirates
Shooting Star 600,000,000 From Magic Shop