Cooking is a skill about cooking food. It's unlocked after getting Fishing and Combat.

Leveling Edit

Players gain cooking XP by cooking on the oven, or processing food in the Cook's Book tab, which is obtained from the Cooks assistant quest. Cooking level is required to cook high-level food.

Food source Edit

The very first cookable food player may get is raw shrimp from fishing. An oven is required to cook all heat required-foods. After completing the Bobbete the Gardener quest, player can access to vegetables and fruits food source, which may not require heat to cook.

The main food source is usually fish, which takes time to catch and lot of heat to cook. However, beside vegetables and fruits, one can get food without processing or cooking from monster loot, like Honey or Maple syrup.

List of Heat Sources Edit

Name Source Heat
Logs Woodcutting 1
Oak Logs Woodcutting 2
Willow Logs Woodcutting 5
Maple Logs Woodcutting 10
Stardust Logs Woodcutting 20
Essence Logs Woodcutting 30
Heat Orb Drop from certain

Volcano enemies


Temporary list of fishing food Edit

Name Source Cooking Level Cooking XP Required Heat Energy XP per heat Energy per heat
Shrimp Fisherman/boats 1 150 20 50 7.5 2.5
Sardine Fisherman/boats 15 800 100 400 8 4
Salmon Fisherman/boats 20 1,000 140 700 7.14 5
Tuna Fisherman/boats 30 2,500 150 1,000 16.6 6.6
Lobster Fisherman/boats 40 3,000 250 2,000 12 8
Swordfish Fisherman/boats 50 6,000 800 7,500 7.5 9.38
Eel Fisherman/boats 60 9,000 1,000 11,000 9 11
Shark Fisherman/boats 70 35,000 1,600 20,000 21.88 12.5
Whale Boats only 85 52,000 3,200 40,000 16.25 12.5
Rainbow Fish Boats only 95 100,000 8,000 100,000 12.5 12.5

List of all non-heat food Edit

table here

List of all heat-required food Edit

table here

List of all non-processed food Edit

table here

Trivia Edit

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