The Dark Potion can be drank by Miners, the Lumberjack, and Bob the Farmer. You can use one for each at the same time. With the Potion Stacker Donor perk, you can use 2 of them for each.

If you activate it onto the Miners, any diamonds mined by them will become a Dark Diamond.

When activated onto the Lumberjack, you will be able to get Dark Strange Leaves when chopping down trees.

Bob have a rare chance to find Dark Mushroom Seeds and Dark Leaf Seeds when given Dark Potion.

You will need level 100 of their respective skills (Mining, Woodcutting, Farming) to be able to use the potion.

Bugs Edit

The Dark Potion description says it is brewable from level 70, but when you click it, it says it is craftable from level 75..

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