Cooking is the skill about cooking food. It's unlocked after getting Fishing and Combat. Cooking can be considered as the most simple skill as there isn't much to do around it.

Leveling Edit

Players gain cooking XP by cooking food into the oven, or processing food in the Cook's Book tab, which is obtained from the Cooks assistant quest. Leveling cooking is required to cook high-level food.

Food source Edit

The very first cookable food a player may get is raw shrimp from fishing. An oven is required to cook all foods which require heat. Upgrading to new ovens reduces the burn rate when cooking food, in steps of 10%. It's recommended to get the gold oven as fast as possible before cooking any food, to avoid not only burning food but also wasting heat.

After completing the Bobette the Gardener quest, the player is granted access to vegetables and fruits as a new food source, which may not require heat to cook.

The main food source is usually fish, which takes time to catch and lots of heat to cook. However, besides vegetables and fruits, one can get food without processing or cooking (from monster loot, like Honey, or Woodcutting, like Maple syrup).

List of all food Edit

For a list of foods with recipes, see Cook's Book.

Name Level XP Heat Energy XP per heat Energy per heat
Shrimp 1 150 20 50 7.5 2.5
Sardine 15 800 100 400 8 4
Salmon 20 1,000 120 700 8.33 5.83
Tuna 30 2,500 150 1,000 16.6 6.6
Lobster 40 3,000 250 2,000 12 8
Swordfish 50 6,000 800 7,500 7.5 9.38
Eel 60 9,000 1,000 11,000 9 11
Shark 70 35,000 1,600 20,000 21.88 12.5
Whale 85 52,000 3,200 40,000 16.25 12.5
Rainbowfish 95 100,000 8,000 100,000 12.5 12.5

Tips Edit

  • The Energy/Cooking tab can be moved into a seperate tab from Combat in the Profile/Settings menu.

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