Fishing is one of the last skills to be unlocks as it requires that you have unlocked Combat and to craft the fishing rod. Once you have the fishing rod you will automatically start catching the various types of fish randomly. You gain XP only when you find fish with your fishing rod, making it a purely passive skill. Each fish gives a different amount of XP.

Each fish has a different probability of being found. The rate at which you catch fish increases as you level and when you apply a gemstone inlayed into your fishing rod. Each level. over level 1, increases the rate of finding fish by 0.5%. Giving a maximum increase in finding fish of 49.5%. Addionally, each level of gemstone increases the rate of finding fish by 5%, which caps out at 20% for a diamond. These increases in rare are multiplicitive, giving a max reduction of 59.6%.   The equation for this woud be 1/( (rate-0.005*(level-1))*(1-0.05*(gem level)) ). If you click on your fishing rod, the game will show you your current reductions and your current chance of finding each type of fish.

One can find or purchase a fishing orb that allows you to find three addionial fish with your fishing rod. This is the only significant way to increase the amount of xp you get from fishing.

Once caught, fish can either be cooked for energy to be used in combat, or sold on the market. Currently you can not sell fish that are not on the inital list of fish found with the fishing rod.

Fishing boatsEdit

In addition to finding fishwith your fishing rod, you can craft two different boats to help catch fish: The boat and Canoe. It costs bait, which you find in combat look bags, to send the boats out find fish. The boat uses one fishing bait and takes three hours to return with your fish. The Canoe uses 15 bait and takes 6 hours to return with your fish.

In additon to the fish you can catch with your fishing rod, these boats can bring back whales, rainbow fish and treasure maps.

Types of fishEdit

All fish that can be found in DH2
Fish XP Base Rate Best Rate Orb to Catch
Shrimp 50 1/12000 1/4848 No
Sardine 500 1/60000 1/24240 No
Salmon 700 1/100000 1/40400 Yes
Tuna 3000 1/120000 1/48480 No
Lobster 5000 1/300000 1/121200 Yes
Swordfish 5000 1/400000 1/161600 No
Eel 6000 1/800000 1/323200 Yes
Shark 12000 1/900000 1/363600 No


20000 Fishing Boats No
Rainbowfish 30000 Fishing Boats No
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