This guide is for DH2 fixed's users having issues with it, since the original author (zorbing) has been inactive for a long time. The first fix is also applied to Ted's market script when broken too.

Please use this Greasyfork script version. You can disable the "old" DH2 fixed and use this instead, without manually updating when an update is imminent.

VERSION 1.3.10 (13 April 2018)

Ted's market FIXED Edit

To get the Ted's market FIXED script, please refer to next link:

The updates are only an expansion/bugfix to the original script. It is not in active development.

VERSION 1.473 (04 April 2018)

My DH2 Fixed just doesn't work at all Edit

In Tampermonkey, go to Dashboard, and navigate to the script. In the Editor tab, find the line // @include or // @match and change or add these URLs:

// @include      **

// @match

This is necessary(?) because the game has changed the URL of the main page (without /game.php) and updated the https protocol.

Dh2fixed 1