Magic is a skill about using magic spells to aid in combat. There are also non combat spells that can be used to support other skills.


The player gains XP when casting spells, or primarily through meditation. The higher level spells are, the more XP they give. Players will however no longer receive any magic XP from spells after casting them for a total of 30 times per fight.

Meditation is a method to train magic, gaining magic XP while consuming time and Empowered Rocks. It can be learnt from the Magic Vendor at level 10 magic. For every next 10 magic levels, players can upgrade the meditation, up to the 9th upgrade at level 90. Each rock gives 10,000 XP, with various meditation times depending on the upgrade. It's possible to stack the rocks, up to 9 at maximum upgrade.

To train to level 100, one would need about 1,000 Empowered Rocks (lesser due to small XP from casting spells) and 100,000,000 stardust.

Magic level is used as a level requirement to cast high level spells and for certain quests.

Upgrade Time per rock (hour) Max stack
Meditate1 10 1
Meditate2 9 2
Meditate3 8 3
Meditate4 7 4
Meditate5 6 5
Meditate6 5 6
Meditate7 4 7
Meditate8 3 8
Meditate9 2 9

Magic spell mechanismEdit


Mana bar and available spells to use in combat.

After purchasing the Magic Page 1 in Game shop, players can access the sub-tab Spells in Combat tab with a Spell Book. To unlock further spells, Magic Pages are required which can be retrieved from various locations. Non-combat spells, however, require Spell Scroll to cast and consume one scroll per use. They don't give magic XP.

A spell requires a minimum magic level and Magic Bonus WizardHatIcon to cast, and consumes mana LargeManaStar.Magic bonus can be increased by using Magic equipment like the Wand from quest, or Wizard Robes. Players also can access the Magic Shop for various magic items after completing The Magic Vendor quest.

One's Mana cap can be increased by collecting Mana Stars. The starting amount of mana one has is 5. Mana regenerates at a rate of 1 every 10 seconds, and players can cast spells as many times as they want, as long as the fight lasts long enough to regenerate their mana.

Despite the name, Magic Bonus acts as a requirement to cast spells, rather than a stats bonus like the other hero's stats.

List of all spells Edit


Tips Edit

  • The Magic tab can be moved into a seperate tab from Combat in the Profile/Settings menu.
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