Magic is a skill that uses magic spells to aid in combat. It's usually after combat and also the last skill to getting unlocked.


After purchasing the Magic Page 1 in Game shop, player can access the sub-tab Spells in Combat tab with a Spell Book. The spells can be crafted here with essence as the primary material. Player gains XP after making a charge of spell, and gains the same amount when casting it in combat. Also, after getting the Wand from the quest with same name, one can convert essence into variety of Elemental Power and large amount of XP from it.

Magic level is used as level requirement to craft high level spells.

Using spells in combatEdit


Spell charges to use in combat.

To craft a spell charge, an essence, an amount of stardust and possible elemental powers are required. The higher level spells, the more stardust needed and more XP to give. Some spells give multiple charges.

One charge is consumed when player cast once in the fight and need to wait a period of time to use it again. Lowest spell cooldown is 5 minutes and highest is 3 hours. Spells of the same background color share the cooldown. Player can use up to two charges with 10 min cooldown in a fight usually last for 20-30 minutes

List of all spells Edit

Name Picture

Level required

Materials Needed* Effect Cooldown (min)✝ Xp Magic page required
1 1,000 stardust heals 2 hp 10 80 1
5 5,000 stardust Increases your attack by 2 for the next hit. 5 150 1
10 50,000 stardust stops current combat, not letting you get a loot bag and resets timer to 0 180 350 1

1 air power

75,000 stardust

deals between 0-3 damage 10 500 2

1 water power

85,000 stardust

deals between 0-3 damage, doubled when in "hot" environments 10 580 2

1 air power

1 earth power

144,000 stardust

10 1100 2
Ghost Scan
30 1 phychic power

155,000 stardust

Allows you to see ghosts.

Note: This spell is charged by a multiple of 5.

10 1500 2
Enchant Stargem Potion
35 1 cosmic power

1 stargem potion

Enchants a stargem potion (Not a combat spell). - 2500 3
40 2 air power

2 water power

2 earth power

2 fire power

Charge a beam for 10 seconds releasing an immense amount of energy hitting for 5 - 15 damage. 60 3000 3
Change Weather
45 2 cosmic power Changes the wind to very high for 1 minute (For the Sail boat, not a combat spell). - 3200 3
Super Heal <Missing Image> 45 10 essence

750,000 stardust

Heal your hero for 10 hp

10 13000 4
Empty Orb <Missing Image> 50 5 cosmic power

10 psychic power

500,000 stardust

Create an empty orb by sacrificing 3 filled orbs

- 10000 4
Reflect <Missing Image> 55 10 essence

10 air power

Reflects the next hit from the enemy 60 12000 4
  • all spells before Ghost Scan also require one empty essence

✝cooldown applies after charge is used

Trivia Edit

  • Like Cooking and Fishing, Magic is a skill that does not have its own tab but as a sub tab in the Combat tab.
  • It's one of three skills that has upgradable tool beside gem and orb upgrades (Magic Book). The other two is furnace of Crafting and oven of Cooking.
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