The stand needs Brewing Scrolls BrewingScroll.png as formulae to produce new types of potions (permanent). Only one potion can be mixed at the same time.

It's possible to get the scrolls before starting the quest, but they only display in the mixing stand. Also, each scroll is independent, one doesn't need to get them in order.

The Brewing Kit doesn't work with it.

List of all mixed potions + XP strategy Edit

The 3rd scroll replaces a tree patch randomly (any type of tree). The lumberjack will announce when players find it by clicking on him (he can't "chop" and harvest the scroll).

The 5th scroll can be found when sending Workers for ingredients with a chance of 1/30 per worker.

What each column includes for the "XP strategy":

  • The XP column (column 6, Mix XP) is the XP you'll receive from brewing and drinking that mixed potion.
  • The material potion's XP in the table below (column 7, Mat. XP) is the XP you'll receive by only brewing the regular potions (and not drinking them).
  • The raw material's XP (column 9, Raw Mat. XP) is the received XP when a player decides, after brewing the required regular potions, to just drink them instead of brewing a mixed potion.
  • If brewing the regular potions alone gives more XP than the 'total XP by converting them into a mixed potion' (column 8, Total Mix+Mat.), then it's not recommended to brew the mixed potion, instead it's recommended to drink the regular potions one by one. (In other words, XP-wise it is not worth it to convert materials into a mixed potion.)
Loc. Potion Mats Duration
Time (h)
Mix XP Mat. XP Total
Mix + Mat.
Mat. XP
Brewer StarseedPotion 25 StardustPotion
5 SeedPotion
0.5 2 6,000 1,625 7,625 3,250 +4,375
5 LongerStardustPotion 30 StardustPotion 4 5 7,500 1,500 9,000 3,000 +6,000
Tree4 FarmingTreeSpeedPotion 5 FarmingSpeedPotion
5 TreePotion
3 3 12,000 4,850 16,850 9,700 +7,150
9 GreatSmeltingPotion 5 SmeltingPotion
5 BarPotion
1 1 13,800 2,900 16,700 5,800 +10,900
Workers CombatSelectorPotion 5 CombatCooldownPotion 4 4 16,800 2,775 19,575 5,550 +14,025
OilBarrel10k LongerOilPotion 20 OilPotion
10 SuperOilPotion
4 4 28,000 26,200 54,200 52,400 +1,800
Vendor SmeltingSpeedPotion 10 SmeltingPotion
20 BarPotion
0.5 6 12,900 9,600 22,500 19,200 +3,300
Mixing Stand Potions BrewingScroll