Pirate is a main item used to getting Treasure Map. Having a pirate grants a chance to get a map every tick(second). It can be purchased in Game Shop at 25,000,000 coins for the first one, up to 10 pirates.

Green Treasure Map Edit

After receiving the Runite Spyglass as reward from the Pirate's Treasure quest, the pirates start looking for Green Treasure Map, in additional to normal Treasure Map. The green version leads to Green Treasure Chest, which give better loot and far better chance to get Green Orbs than the normal chest.


The pirate with spyglass.

Pirates cost effeciency Edit

Each pirate later increased the chance getting map with almost constant difference between, while the price is incrementally increased, thus diminishing returns occurs. The chance of getting map is unofficially confirmed, but rather based on Diamond Hunt 1 data.

With one pirate players get a map for every approximate 4 days on average. This is 2.3 days at 10th pirate. Generally, buying the first pirate usually is enough.

Pirate Price Chance
1 25,000,000 1/350,000
2 30,000,000 1/325,000
3 35,000,000 1/300,000
4 40,000,000 1/280,000
5 45,000,000 1/260,000
6 50,000,000 1/240,000
7 60,000,000 1/230,000
8 70,000,000 1/220,000
9 85,000,000 1/210,000
10 100,000,000 1/200,000
Pirate chart

A line chart shows diminishing return in pirate performance

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