Shooting Star is a rare, special item used as an ingredient for Stardust Crystal Potion. Using the potion allows miners to find Stardust Crystal.

Also, using an Enchanted Stargem Potion on the Shooting Star will yield 1,500,000 stardust.

Getting shooting star Edit

Before 75 crafting, the only way to get a shooting star is to buy a Stardust Box in the game shop. However, getting it from the moon with 1/40 drop rate is more practical. It's also possible to get one from Stardust Potion with Hard Brewing perk.

Source Chance Cost each chance Average cost Chance w/ Achievement perk Average cost
Stardust Box 1 1/2,000 500,000 1,000,000,000 1/1,000 500,000,000
Stardust Box 2 1/500 2,000,000 1,000,000,000 1/250 500,000,000
Stardust Box 3 1/50 17,500,000 875,000,000 1/25 437,500,000
Moon 1/40 2,400,000 428,000,000 N/A N/A
Stardust Potion Extremely rare N/A N/A N/A N/A

The estimated cost to get a Shooting Star from the moon using rocket can be calculated approximately by this formula: EC = LC + RC + OC + C*40 , with the material price based from Player Market[1]
EC: the estimated cost
LC: the crafting level cost to craft the Rocket
RC: the rocket cost itself
OC: the Oil Storage 6 cost
C: the fuel cost each moon trip

The fuel cost C is 1 Litre of oil cost times 1,000,000. One litre of oil cost can be calculated with value of an Oil Potion divide for total oil gains[2]. It is (1*10,000+50*2,000)/(15*60*50) = 2.4 (10,000 is the price of Green Leaf and 2,000 is the price of Red Mushroom).

Therefore C = 2.4*1,000,000 = 2,400,000

The rocket cost RC is Promethium Bar cost times 100[3]. The price of Promethium Bar at market is 400,000.

RC = 400,000*100 = 40,000,000

The crafting level cost LC is not calculated at crafting level 0 or 1, but at the time the rocket is a tradeoff option. It indicates the most valueable materials to be considered between Rocket and other items, which is Promethium Bar. Because Oil Storage 6 is a mandatory item to operate the Rocket, the earliest Promethium Bar-required-as-material item is Promethium Oven, which is craftable at level 65. Thus, LC is crafting level cost from 65 to 75. The stardust need to level up from 65 to 75 is 18,076,515 with an empty Hammer [4].

LC = 18,076,515*14 = 253,071,210 (14 is the price of Stardust at market)

OC = 20,000,000 + 30*400,000 + 10,000*80 + 7,500*800 = 38,800,000 [5]

EC = 253,071,210 + 40,000,000 + 38,800,000 + 2,400,000*40 = 427,871,210 or 428,000,000 round up

References Edit

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