Stones are mostly used to make Furnace and Oil Storage. It's also the common item to be sold for money.

Players need to spend 76,673,610 stone as minimum requirement to make all of these items below.

Items Stones Items Stones Items Stones Items Stones
StoneFurnace 10 BronzeFurnace 500 IronFurnace 10,000 SilverFurnace 25,000
GoldFurnace 2,000 PromethiumFurnace 5,000,000 RuniteFurnace 20,000,000 BrewingKit 500,000
OilStorage1 1,000 OilStorage2 10,000 OilStorage3 25,000 OilStorage4 100,000
OilStorage5 1,000,000 OilStorage6 20,000,000 OilStorage7 30,000,000 Doric 100
EmpoweredStone 1,000,000

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