Treasure Map is an item that can be solved by a riddle. When solved you get a Treasure Chest. It can be found with Pirate, Boats or Monster Loot. There are three types of maps: normal, Green Map and Red Map (the red map is not implemented yet). The map appears in the Item tab and the player can have only one at a time. It is however possible to have one normal map and one green map at a time.

Green and Red versions Edit

After receiving the Runite Spyglass as a reward from the Pirate's Treasure quest, the pirates start looking for Green Treasure Map, in addition to normal Treasure Maps. The green version gives you a Green Treasure Chest, which gives better loot and far better chances to get Green Orbs than the normal chest.

Treasure Map rarity Edit

Pirate has a fixed chance of getting maps based on the number of pirates purchased, while the chance to get a map from boats is very rare (estimated: 1/100 to 1/300). The chance from loot bags varies by areas. Loot bags from Fields have 1/500 chance to get a map, goes up to 1/400 for Forests and 1/300 for the rest of areas. The rarity of a Green map is twice as high as regular maps.

List of treasure map cluesEdit

Warning: Long texts or spoiler information ahead

Clues Answers
Come by for a visit if you want more land. Go to donor shop
Pure AU, nothing else. Smelt a gold bar
.dees taehw a mraF Farm a wheat seed
Make me: I need this H2O for 100% of this skill. Make a small vial of water
Two ores merge together over a heated relationship. There's no breaking up these two. Smelt a bronze bar

Clues Answers
Sell this amount (x) of stone: "The first derivative of x". Sell 1 stone to vendor
Not the WIKI link on the top but it helps. Click on the Combat Drop Table
+600 instead of +400 Eat a Dotted Sardine
Too impatient or a missclick leads to derooting the not so green. Plant a lime seed & remove it
I am #000000, I'm scared to consume but I get more of it. Drink an oil potion
01100010 01101111 01101110 01100101 01101101 01100101 01100001 01101100 Add 1 normal bone to the Bin.
The happy couple. Click on Bob or Bobette