Workers can get hired from Shop Keeper at 400 global level. There are up to 10 workers that can be sent out finding for Ores, Logs, Seeds, Tree Seeds, Brewing Ingredients and Cooked Food. At a cost of 1,000,000 coins each, one will return after 12 hours, for a total 5 days when sending all ten. It's not possible to cancel a mission in progress.

Ores Edit

Note: the amount number and rarity are estimated for one worker and based on data collection.

Items Stone Copper Tin Iron Silver Gold Quartz Marble Promethium
Amount 2,000-200,000 2,000-100,000 2,000-100,000 2,000-20,000 2,000-10,000 100-10,000 100-2,000 100-1,000 1
Rarity Always Always Always Always Always Always Always Always Rare

The total value of one Ores worker when sell all the ores to Game Shop is usually below 1,000,000 coins. Thus, this option is useful for hardcore players only to trade low level ore for high level ones like quartz, marble and promethium.

Logs Edit

Items Logs OakLogs WillowLogs MapleLogs StardustLogs
Amount 1-200 1-100 1-20 1-20 1-5
Rarity Always Always Always Always Uncommon

Seeds Edit

Items RedMushroomSeeds BlewitMushroomSeeds DottedGreenLeafSeeds GreenLeafSeeds SnapegrassSeeds LimeLeafSeeds GoldLeafSeeds CrystalLeafSeeds
Amount 1-20 1-12 1-5 1-6 1-10 1-4 1 1
Rarity Always Common Always Common Common Common Common Uncommon

Seeds are so rare, espcially Gold Leaf Seeds that this option may give profit to both standard and hardcore players.

Tree Seeds Edit

Items TreeSeeds OakTreeSeeds WillowTreeSeeds MapleTreeSeeds StardustTreeSeeds
Amount 1-3 1-2 1-2 1 1
Rarity Common Common Common Common Uncommon

Brewing Ingredients Edit

The 5th Brewing Scroll and Enchant Stargem Potion Spell Scroll can be found when send workers for brewing ingredient.

The drop rate for spell scroll is 1/4 per worker (brewing scroll is unknown, and possibly 1/15)

Items RedMushroom BlewitMushroom DottedGreenLeaf GreenLeaf LimeLeaf GoldLeaf CrystalLeaf
Amount 10-100 1-20 1-10 1-10 1-6 1-3 1
Rarity Always Common Common Always Common Common Common

Cooked Food Edit

Items Chicken CookedSalmon CookedLobster CookedEel CookedWhale
Amount 1-10 1-5 1 1 1
Rarity Always Common Common Uncommon Rare

This is usually the least favourable option for 1,000,000 cost.

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